"Digging Deeper with the DFX"
Sample 3D Motion Mode Performance Graph

          "[These graphs] represent Motion Mode "in-air" tests performed with the same settings for the five White's DFX loops [(only the graph for the standard 9.5" search coil is shown in this excerpt)].  Although the sensitivity level with the PREAMP GAIN at 2 and the A.C. SENSITIVITY at 60 is low, the following graphs do illustrate their "in-air" depth performance relative to one another.
          In heavily mineralized soil, the relative strength of the target signal versus the ground response will favor coils with smaller sensitivity patterns.  Also, search coils that may be run with higher sensitivities, without being hampered by electromagnetic interference, will allow better relative performance than what is indicated here.
          Note that the minimum depth shown on each graph is 4 inches."


2004, Jeff Foster