The MXT Edge
Sample 3D Coil Sensitivity Pattern Graph for 1 DWT Gold Nugget

          "The [above] shows coil sensitivity patterns [only the 5.3" concentic coil is shown in this excerpt] for a 1 pennyweight (1 dwt) gold nugget.  This target reflects the sensitivity pattern of the search coil to a smaller than coin-size target.  Notice how in these graphs the sensitivity patterns are closer to the center receive winding, for the concentric coils (950 and 5.3"), and closer to the center toe-to-heel band on the DD style coils.  Knowing how different sized targets respond to search coils can help the MXT user differentiate between smaller and shallower targets and larger and deeper targets.  Both classes of targets may show the same depth on the discriminate mode pinpointing screens, since the depth reading is calibrated for coin-sized objects, but a small shallow target will cause a narrower pinpointing response, like illustrated on these graphs...."


2007 Field Depth Enterprises